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Local to Cornell University

City of Ithaca Mapping & Demographics
     Tables and reports on Ithaca demographics. Cool ready-made maps of neighborhoods, trails, political divisions, and of planning interest, plus some interactive mapping ability. Lots of files to download for GIS and statistical use.

Researching Ithaca and Tompkins County
     Resources with a focus on demographic and economic indicators, both current and historical. Includes online and printed tools maintained by the Cornell University Libraries. Compiled by staff at the Nestle Library, School of Hotel Administration.

Tompkins County
     See also the Census Data page in the Planning Department section.

New York State

Access to State Government
     The official State home page linking to executive agencies, the Legislature, and judiciary. See also the New York State Government Information Locator maintained by the State Library

Board of Elections
     Enrollment and election results, some back to the mid-1990s and in PDF only. Some breakouts by county, others by election and legislative districts. Detailed campaign finance data for the past 10 years. Links to county boards of elections, some of which provide results for local elections.

     Information on state and local government finances, real property tax rates, agency and local government audit reports. Includes school and special district financial information.

Department of City Planning [New York City]
     Select Reference from the sidebar menu to view profiles of population and socioeconomic characteristics by tracts and community districts. Data products for purchase or download, most for spatial applications, under the category Products=>Bytes of the Big Apple.

Department of Education

      bullet Basic Educational Data System (BEDS)
          Information at the school, district, and BOCES levels. This page links to documentation and raw data files for 1967-1981. CISER owns this data series from 1978/79 to the present, some early years in SAS format.

      bullet School District Budget Voting Results
          Lists votes cast and result, plus results for budgets defeated in first election, for 2005/06 and 2006/07. Historical table only summarizes number of elections and budgets adopted statewide.

Other budget information includes school district administrator salaries linked from and state aid provided at the district level, by district .       

      bullet School Report Cards

      bullet New York State Report Cards
          Known as the Chapter 655 report, this page links to PDF versions of the printed volumes and district and county data tables in Excel and Access formats from 1998/1999 to date. CISER owns this series back to 1990.

Department of Health

      bullet Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors
          Maps and statistics based on data from the NYS Department of Health. View incidence per 100K and and mortality, links to other NYS cancer statistics sites.

      bullet Cancer Registry
          Compiles information on incidence and mortality of cancers across the state and generates summary tables and maps by region, county/borough, and in some cases ZIP and neighborhoods. Some demographic breakdowns by race, sex, age .

      bullet County Heath Indicator Profiles
          Statistics on population, perinatal health, mortality, causes of hospitilization, and disease morbidity. Substantial time lag in reporting. Compiled from Department of Health data sources and those of other State agencies.

      bullet Statistics and Data
          A subject index to a wide variety of compiled data on vital statistics, accidents and injuries, nutrition, health care services, and other public health topics too numerous to list. Most categories broken down by county, some by demographics, selected statistics for sub-county geographies.

Department of Labor

      bullet Wages by Occupation
          Derived from the Occupational Employment Statistics Survey, provides wage data for labor market regions.

      bullet Employment and Wages, 1975-2000
          Based on quarterly reports from employers covered by unemployment insurance. Uses the SIC; see next entry for later years Data at state and county level.

      bullet Employment and Wages, 2000+
          Based on quarterly reports from employers covered by unemployment insurance. Uses the NAICS classification, which is not comparable with the earlier SIC. Select a geography (state, region, county, MSA) or the entire file for all years can be downloaded.

Department of Mental Health

      bullet Chartbook of Mental Health Information
          County and state-level tables on client characteristics, funding by program type, psychiatric center admissions. Most tables in PDF, html, and Excel formats.

      bullet Patient Characteristics Survey
          Biennial survey collecting demographic, clinical, and service information about cleints served by state and locally operated programs during a "snapshot" survey week. Tables for state, region, and county by age, sex, ethnicity, service program.

Department of Real Property Services
     Contains links to sources of local assessment data, where available.

Division of Criminal Justice Services
     Select the Statistics section for data by region, county, and law enforcement unit. Indicators include arrests, convictions, , prosecutions, crime index. Based in large part on Uniform Crime Reporting and Computerized Criminal History System data.

     An interactive mapping tool for county, city, town, and tracts with Census 1990 and 2000 varaibles. Important to review the application's help pages.

Office for the Aging
     Use the Explore Aging link for information on population projections and trends, poverty, and quality of life indicators.

Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services

      bullet Research Institute on Addictions

State Data Center
      bullet homepage for State Data Center   
          New York's State Data Center is part of the Empire State Development organization. Find a host of information resources (especially those focusing on Census planning and participation) and links to SDC affiliated agenices. See also the Data Detective blog maintained by the NY SDC affiliates at

      bullet Economic Data

      bullet Population Data

State Library

Non-Government Sources

Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency
     A planning agency focused on access to health services and advocacy within the nine-county region surrounding Rochester. Collects data on health care facility utilization (primarily hospital-based services) and produces a series of research reports based on those data.

Fiscal Policy Institute
     Established in 1991 to conduct research on tax equity and public services structures. Produces reports and statistical tables of economic and social indicators on New York. Publishes The State of Working New York and Social Conditions Report Card.

Rockefeller Institute of Government
     Sponsors and conducts research on state and local government, with a strong focus on New York State. Publishes the annual New York State Statistical Yearbook and miscellaneous reports and statistical briefs.