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Data Distributors and Producers: International

     Economic, social, and demographic statistics from the Statistical Office of the European Communities.

Food and Agriculture Organization      bullet homepage for Food and Agriculture Organization   

      bullet FAOSTAT
          International data on agriculture production and fisheries, food supply and nutrition, land use and environmental topics, by country. Create online tables or download series as comma-delimited files.

      bullet Global Information and Early Warning System (GIEWS)
          Monitors and distributes information on factors that influence food production, availability, and prices in developing countries. An excellent source on food security topics. Its most recent data tool is National Basic Food Prices, which tracks domestic prices of foods staples in over 50 countries. It can output information in local or US currencies using standardized measures:

Inter-American Development Bank
     Datasets on economic performance and institutions in Latin America, the Caribbean, and beyond. Specific studies cover public debt, trade integration, and labor markets.

International Labour Organization (ILO)
     The ILO Bureau of Statistics compiles and distributes statistics on employment and working conditions, income and economic stability, trade unions, and related macroeconomic indicators. Its focal database is LABORSTA which covers about 200 counties, with some series beginning in 1970. Additional data products are available on request from ILO.

International Monetary Fund      bullet homepage for International Monetary Fund   
          Free macroecnomic data are generally distributed in the form of published reports. Some series such as World Economic Outllook and exchange rates can be selected, displayed, or downloaded. The good stuff, such as International Financial Statistics, Direction of Trade, and Government Finance Statistics must be purchased.

      bullet International Financial Statistics
          Create custom tables and extracts from monthly, quarterly, or annual macroeconomic indicators. Some coverage back to 1948. This link requries authentication as a Cornell user. The University of Minnesota maintains a helpful IFS user guide:

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD)

      bullet Statistics Portal
          Statistical reports and spreadsheets for OECD countries.

      bullet SourceOECD
          Many OECD statistical series covering agriculture, economics and trade, communications, and social indicators. Download tables as Excel or csv files. Point-and-click with a clunky interface.This link will require Cornell authentication.

Statistics Canada      bullet homepage for Statistics Canada   

      bullet CANSIM
          CANSIM is Statistics Canada's key socioeconomic database. Updated daily, CANSIM provides fast and easy access to a large range of the latest statistics available in Canada. See usage agreement for information on restrictions and acknowledgement requirements:

UN/ECE Statistical Division

     A portal to United Nations data and statistical series. Inlcudes links to collection of links to primary statistical agencies or portals maintained by member countries.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics
     Use Statistics=>Database Access link to create, manipulate, and download data on education, communication, and literacy. Use Statistical Tables option for pre-formatted tables.

United Nations Statistics Division
     Select the Statistical Databases option from the header bar or one of the statistical categories from the left navigation menu. This site has a wealth of national population, economic, and social indicators. In particular, the UN Common Database contains hundreds ot time series covering over 100 countries, with some extending back to approximately 1950. Unfortunately, it's not very intuitive to use, so see this helpful tutorial:

World Bank      bullet homepage for World Bank   
          With the exception of basic facts for each country, not much free from this site, unfortunately. See WDI and GDF products described below for the good stuff.

      bullet GDF Online
          Create custom tables and extracts from Global Development Finance on public income, expenditures, and debt. This link requries authentication as a Cornell user.

      bullet WDI Online
          World Development Indicators allows you to select from a wide range of national demographic, environmental, and economic indicators. This link requries authentication as a Cornell user. See this site for a nice tutorial on its use:

World Health Organization Statistical Information System (WHOSIS)
     Create customized tables and extracts from an online database of health indicators.

World Resources Institute
     Focuses on environmental issues and ecosystem/human interaction. Download selected tables and graphs from their many publications as well as spatial data for use with GIS.

Lists of International Sites

Demographic, Population, and Family Planning
     A list of links to national and nongovernmental statistical and demographic agencies. maintained by the UN Population Information Network (POPIN).

Statistical Agencies (International)
     Especially helpful for locating national statistical agencies in emerging nations.

Statistical Agencies in the UN/ECE Region
     Links to national and, in some cases, regional statistical agencies.