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Lower Buffet Prices Lead to Less Taste Satisfaction

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David R. Just, Brian Wansink (2014).  Journal of Sensory Studies 29 (2014) 362-370 [producer].   Wiley Periodicals, Inc [distributor].   Codebook: R2E-JUST-2014.  This study includes files created by Cornell researchers and/or staff.

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Abstract:  A field experiment was conducted to assess how diners’ taste evaluations change based on how much they paid for an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) buffet. Diners at an AYCE restaurant were either charged $4 or $8 for an Italian lunch buffet. Their taste evaluation of each piece of pizza consumed was taken along with other measures of behavior and self-perceptions. Their ratings were analyzed using 2 × 3 mixed design analysis of variance (ANOVA). Diners who paid $4 for their buffet rated their initial piece of pizza as less tasty, less satisfactory and less enjoyable. A downward trend was exhibited for each of these measures with each additional piece (P = 0.02). Those who paid $8 did not experience the same decrement in taste, satisfaction and enjoyment. Paying less for an AYCE experience may face the unintended consequence of food that is both less enjoyable and rapidly declining in taste and enjoyability. In a sense, AYCE customers get what they pay for.

The Stata code ( and data (PizzaStudy.txt) associated with this study reproduced: a) Tables in Erratum_Lower_Buffet_Prices_Lead_to_Less_Taste_Satisfaction.pdf that did not involve age, weight, and height variables, which were were removed to de-identify the dataset; and b) output log appended at the bottom of the Erratum_Lower_Buffet_Prices_Lead_to_Less_Taste_Satisfaction.pdf

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