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Monthly scheduled system downtime

CISER downtimes are usually from 8am-5pm on the second Wednesday of each month. When a downtime is scheduled the exact date and time will be posted here.

During CISER's monthly downtimes:
- you will not be able to log on to any of the Research, Class, or CRADC servers
- you will not be able to access your files stored on the research file server
- all programs in process when the downtime begins will be canceled
- file downloads from the data archive's online catalog will not be available
- Chrome bookmarks saved locally will be lost - to keep bookmarks use IE instead

At some points during a downtime, there will be a few minutes of interrupted services:
- the data archive's online catalog will not be fully functional
- you will not be able to apply for a CISER computing account
- you will not be able to request shared user space
- you will not be able to re-set your CISERRSCH password
- the workshops registration page will not be available
- CNSS data extracts will not be available


RSCH System Problems

We are currently having problems with some of our RSCH servers. All research and thesis account users should use rsch107, rsch108, rsch109, and rsch110 until further notice.

These system problems have also caused delays in creating new user accounts. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.