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How to request CISER accounts for an ENTIRE class

  1. Save and fill out the SampleListForCiserBatch.xls spreadsheet so that CISER can create all of the accounts together.  You can either fill out the spreadsheet manually, or you can choose the same columns in Brio, and either copy and paste them into the spreadsheet or export them to Excel format.
    NOTE:  It is VERY IMPORTANT to follow the spreadsheet format and save to Excel as this is essential to batch process class accounts. Not conforming to the spreadsheet and file format would SIGNIFICANTLY DELAY the process.
  2. Send an email to and include:
    • The date on which you would like the account notification emails to be sent to the students.
    • Whether the class accounts will be using public or confidential data.
    • The spreadsheet (from step 1) as an email attachment.
  3. After your spreadsheet has been received, any student not included in that spreadsheet will need to fill out and submit the online application form.

Once the accounts are set up we can create a shared group folder in which we can place a specific dataset for everyone in the class to have access to.

Also, if you would like one of our consultants to come to your class and do a brief introduction on how to use the CISER systems, please let us know.