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CISER General Research Computing: System:    Description of Resources
Current Server Availability and Usage
Manual:    General Information
System usage policies
CISER's system usage agreement
Obtaining a CISER computing account
Connecting to the research servers
Log-on using Windows Remote Desktop Client
Log-on using Mac
Log-on with Mac using Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
Log-on with Mac using Office 211 RDC
Log-on with Mac using Cord
Log-on using Chromebook
Log-on using Linux
About your work space
Managing your sessions, programs and processes
Moving files to and from the research servers
Closing your session
References:    Server FAQ
Software FAQ
Sharing files with other users
Printing from the research servers
Compressing your files on the research servers
--   NTFS
Other:   Computing News / User Notes
CISER Computing Account Applications
General Computing Account Application
CHE Computing Account Application
Requesting CISER Accounts for an Entire Class
Lookup your CISER computing accounts

Consulting:       CISER Help Desk Services
Workshops:       Current workshops list and registration
Workshop downloads

ATLAS.TI Frequently Asked Questions:How to keep documents from being deleted
GAUSSSample Programs
Frequently Asked Questions:How to Use on the CISER Research Servers
MATHEMATICASample Programs
Frequently Asked Questions:How to Use on the CISER Research Servers
Frequently Asked Questions: Using Batch Mode
R Frequently Asked Questions:How to install and load R packages
SASSample Programs
Tutorials and Online Tutor
Frequently Asked Questions:

Suggested References for Beginners
Character to Numeric Variable Conversion
Numeric to Character Variable Conversion
Reading Comma-delimited Data
Reading Colon and Tab Delimited Data
Reading Variable Length Data
Reading Multiple Raw Data Files
Recoding Character Variables to Numeric Variables
User Written Formats
Taking Random Samples of Observations
How to Create Dummy Variables in SAS
How to Read Space-Delimited ASCII Files Into SAS
How to read an XML data file using the SAS XMLMapper
SAS Dataset Modification Dates
Dates in Two Digit Year Formats
Subsetting Data with the WHERE Statement
Sorting Very Large Datasets
Match-Merging without Matching By-Variables
Compressing Observations in a Dataset
Suppressing Proc Means Output
Exporting PROC FREQ Output to Excel

How to import an Excel File into SAS

SAS Graph Output
Writing a Dataset to a Text File
SAS Software Renewals

Frequently Asked Questions:How to Use on the CISER Research Servers
Increasing Memory
"Invalid Path" Messages
STATASample Programs
Frequently Asked Questions: How to Use on the CISER Research Servers
Increasing Memory
Reading ASCII Files w/o Extensions
"Protocol Error" Message
Installing STB on the CISER Research Servers
Copying Stata Graphs into Word or Excel
Measuring CPU Time for Stata Jobs
Other Statistical Software     QSR NVivo
All Code Samples by Directory
Statistical Software Discussion Lists