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Data Seal of Approval



The CISER Data Archive has been awarded the Data Seal of Approval! This achievement shows that the archive has met a set of guidlines and requirements including:

  • The data can be found on the Internet
  • The data are accessible (clear rights and licences)
  • The data are in a usable format
  • The data are reliable
  • The data are identified in a unique and persistent way

For more information see the Data Seal of Approval website.


Big data and open data: what's what and why does it matter?


DataCite,, and Databib Announce Collaboration


Mozilla Science Lab, GitHub and Figshare team up to fix the citation of code in academia

CISER Census 2010 SF1 Download Center


CISER is pleased to announce an easier way for you to get Census 2010 SF1 Urban-Rural Update files. CISER enhanced the files to make them available in various different formats. For downloads and more information, visit the CISER Census 2010 SF1 Download Center web page.

Software Carpentry Bootcamp


The Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit (CSCU) is considering bringing a Software Carpentry Bootcamp to campus this summer. Before bringing such a workshop to Cornell, CSCU would like to gauge the level of interest. The workshop would be open to all members of the Cornell community. Please help by reading more about the program and taking a three-question survey.