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CISER Archive Codebook Numbers

Codebook Number Subject Area
CEN(year) Decennial Censuses from 1790-2000
CPH-100 to CPH-300 Compendia of Census Data and Special Surveys
CAG- Agricultural Censuses from 1947-1992
CPH-020 to CPH-024 American Housing Surveys from 1973-present
CPH-001 to CPH-019 Current Population Surveys from 1968-present
Economic Censuses from 1972-1992
CCON Census of Construction, Building Permits
CMAN Census of Manufactures
CRET Census of Retail Trade
CSI Census of Service Industries
CTRAN Census of Transportation
CWHT Census of Wholesale Trade
CGOV Governmental Censuses and Annual Surveys
CPH-040 to CPH-100 Population Estimates and Projections
CPH-025 to CPH-039 Survey of Income and Program Participation
COM Community and Urban Studies
CNFL Conflict, Aggression, Violence, and Wars
ECON Economic Behavior and Attitudes
Consumer Surveys
Economic Behavior and Attitudes Surveys
Labor Force Economics
Economic Indicators
ED Education
Statistics of Higher Education
Longitudinal Surveys
EL Elites and Leadership
GEO Geography and Environment
GSP Governmental Structures
HE Health Care and Health Facilities
LAW Legal Systems
LEG Legislative and Deliberative Bodies
Historical Roll Call Voting Records
Decision Making in Deliberative Bodies
NYAC New York State Local Government
NYED New York State Education
NYGEO New York State Geo-reference Files
NYHE New York State Vital Records and Health
NYS New York State -- Other Aspects
POL Political Behavior and Attitudes
Electoral Processes and Election Returns
Political Participation
Public Opinion on Political Matters
Political Parties
PUB Public Opinion (Omnibus)
ORG Organizational Behavior
SIND Social Indicators, Behavior, Attitudes
General Social Surveys
Quality of Life Surveys
Class and Class Structure
Indicators of Development
SIB Social Institutions and Behavior
Minorities and Race Relations
Socialization, Students and Youth
Age and the Life Cycle
Crime and the Criminal Justice System
Leisure and Recreation
Vital Statistics
Family and Gender