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…Research Guide. Want to replicate your findings? See CISER’s Results Reproduction Service, R-squared. Working with data that requires restrictions or is proprietary? See CISER Secure Data Services. Have additional questions? See Consulting:… READ MORE

How do I convert my data files without Stat Transfer?

…read.csv(‘U:/Downloads/file1.csv’) Matlab Export Matlab data to CSV Using Writematrix or csvwrite commands. Syntax: writematrix(object, ‘filename.csv’) csvwrite(‘filename.csv’, object) #Example Code a=[234,2 671,5 735,1] csvwrite(‘ U:\Downloads\file.csv’,a) Matlab exporting CSV Documentation Matlab can… READ MORE

Location and Hours

NOTICE:  CISER staff are providing all services remotely until further notice. The Cornell RDC is open by reservation only, with limited capacity. CISER is located at 391 Pine Tree Road,… READ MORE

Staff Specialists

…research on NYS Elena Goloborodko, Secure Data Services Manager and CRADC Data Custodian Restricted access data project support throughout the project lifecycle on the Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC);… READ MORE

Restricted Data Security Breach Reporting and Response Policy

…Policy, call the following offices: NAMEEMAILTITLEPHONEWilliam Director607‐255‐4801Elena Secure Data Services Manager607‐255‐4801Jonathan Secure Data Specialist607‐255‐4801Resa Assistant Director, Systems607‐254‐8686Kim Administrator607‐254‐8686Lucia Analyst/Programmer607‐254‐8686Brenda Consultant607‐254‐8686Cornell University Security Officesecurity-service607-255-6664… READ MORE

File Compression

…compressed together into one zipped file. This is the best method for file transfers. Tutorial for 7-zip To learn how to 7-Zip from a research server go to Start Menu→All Programs→7-Zip,… READ MORE

How to redirect Stata temp file to a specific folder

…in the folder you specified on the set command. Example Example using my research account. set STATATMP=U:\Desktop\statatemp cd U:\Documents\stata_test “C:\Program Files\Stata16\statamp-64.exe” Please write to with any questions or issues…. READ MORE

Has my computing account been set up?

…has not changed, write email to . If your account is under Pending Approval, you will need to ask your affiliated faculty member to approve your account request via an… READ MORE