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CISER Data & Reproduction Archive Preservation and Storage Policy

Information Technology Resources: https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/policy/policies/responsible-use-information-technology-resources Cornell University Policy 5.4.1, Security of Information Technology Resources: https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/tools-library/policies/security-information-technology-resources Cornell University Policy 5.10, Information Security: https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/tools-library/policies/information-security Cornell University Policy 4.6, Standards of Ethical Policy: https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/tools-library/policies/standards-ethical-conduct… READ MORE

ICPSR Summer Program

…offering 80+ online courses on statistics and quantitative methods this summer! Courses are open to students, faculty, & researchers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Registration is open now! https://www.icpsr.umich.edu/web/pages/sumprog/registration.html… READ MORE

Transferring/Moving Files

…server From within your Remote Desktop Window, click the blue e in the taskbar to open Internet Explorer, alternatively use Mozilla Firefox Type https://cornell.account.box.com/login in*]}*to the URL textbox, hit Enter READ MORE

CISER Data & Reproduction Archive Security Policy

…Reproduction Archive Preservation and Storage Policy: https://ciser.cornell.edu/about-us/ciser-policies/data-archive-preservation-and-storage-policy/ Cornell University Policy 8.4 — Management of Keys and Other Access Control Systems: https://www.dfa.cornell.edu/policy/policies/management-keys-and-other-access-control-systems Cornell University Policy 5.4.2, Reporting Electronic Security Incidents: http://www.dfa.cornell.edu/treasurer/policyoffice/policies/volumes/informationtech/incidents.cfm… READ MORE

CAED 2020 — Call for Papers

interest include but are not limited to: Productivity International Trade Firm Dynamics Information and communication technology R&D Innovation Strategy Competition Digital Marketing Transition and development Labor and Personnel Economics Environment… READ MORE

Stata webinar

…Adobe Connect. The webinar will be hosted by Senior Statistician and Software Developer, Charles Lindsey, and will cover working with ERMs in Stata. Space is limited so register soon: https://www.stata.com/training/webinar/extended-regression-models…. READ MORE


…the Printers checkbox is checked within “Local Resources” tab. Your local printer should be set to LPT1, USB, or COM port. How do I Print to a networked printer? If you are… READ MORE

Staff Specialists

…projects; tailor computing environments to your research needs; reproduce your research results; develop secure data management plans and more. CISER staff’s presentations and papers may be viewed on eCommons. Below… READ MORE