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Transferring/Moving Files

…your Remote Desktop Window, Open web browser. From start menu Firefox or Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is pinned to taskbar. Type https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive into the URL textbox, hit Enter on your… READ MORE

CISER Resources Terms of Use

or by telephone (607)255-4801. Revision History Effective Date Preparer Originally Issued 2014-04-03 Janet Heslop Revision 2018-05-08 Janet Heslop Revision 2018-12-18 Janet Heslop Revision 2019-08-06 Janet Heslop Revision 2020-10-08 Lynn… READ MORE

Privacy Notice

…to gather metrics on site usage including geographic location of visitors, pathways navigated through the website, and which portion of our audience is internal to the Cornell network. The information… READ MORE


…using a networked printer, such as in a computer lab, and the networked printer you are using is not in the Devices and Printers list, you can request that it be added…. READ MORE

Secure Data Services

…Secure Data Environments (below). Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC) CRADC ensures secure access to confidential and restricted data housed on restricted networked and standalone environments. Please contact CISER Secure… READ MORE

Cornell’s Roper Center Membership

…archive from well-known organizations such as Gallup and network news organizations, as well as substantial holdings of historical American surveys and polls. What are the benefits of Cornell’s membership? Access… READ MORE

Day of Data 2021

…share experiences, find solutions to data-related problems, learn new tools and techniques, and network with peers and experts from across the university. This year’s theme is “Scholarship through Collaboration.” Scheduled… READ MORE


…you in violation of both Cornell’s Abuse of Computers and Network Systems, and CISER’s Resources Terms of Use Policy. Passwords should not be inserted into email messages or other forms… READ MORE


…send us information about your posters, publications, presentations and interviews to , so that we can reciprocate by linking to the data source to expand your research network. Cite use… READ MORE


…of the NSF-Census Research Network and provides integrated research support, training and Data Documentation in the context of confidential data and metadata. CISER Senior staff and programmers are actively engaged… READ MORE