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Transferring/Moving Files

…your Remote Desktop Window, Open web browser. From start menu Firefox or Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is pinned to taskbar. Type https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive into the URL textbox, hit Enter on your… READ MORE


…using a networked printer, such as in a computer lab, and the networked printer you are using is not in the Devices and Printers list, you can request that it be added…. READ MORE

Privacy Notice

CISER is committed to protecting your privacy. The following privacy notice describes what information we collect from you when you visit https://ciser.cornell.edu and affiliated web applications and how we use… READ MORE


…for research projects, from supporting a project team to providing direct data-related services on a sponsored project. Analyzing Data CISER supports researchers through the data analytics process of evaluating, inspecting,… READ MORE

Sharing Files

CISER Research (CISERRSCH) Sharing Files from the Research Servers By default, only you have access to the files in your work space on the research server. To share space, you can either… READ MORE