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CONFLICT: Conflict, Agression, Violence and Wars

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Correlates of War, 1816-1997
J. David Singer; Melvin Small.  -- Version 3.0 -- Correlates of War Project [producer].   Binghamton, NY: Peace Science Society (International), Bingamton University [distributor].   Note: Obtained from "".   Codebook: CNFL-064 [File Information].

Dynamics of Ethnic Collective Action in South Africa, 1970-1984
Olivier, Johan L.  Pretoria, South Africa : Centre for Conflict Analysis, Human Sciences Research Council, [1989?] [producer].   Note: SAS Library.   Codebook: CNFL-013 [File Information].

International Crisis Behavior Project, 1918-2001
Jonathan Wilkenfeld; Michael Brecher.  -- Version 4.1 -- College Park, MD: International Crisis Behavior Project, University of Maryland. [producer].   College Park, MD: International Crisis Behavior Project, University of Maryland. [distributor].   Codebook: CNFL-065 [File Information].

International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE)
Mickolus, Edward F.; et al.  Dunn Loring, VA: Vinyard Software, 2004 [producer].   Codebook: CNFL-066 [File Information].

Protest Events in the Federal Republic of Germany, 1950-1993
Neidhardt, F.; D. Rucht.  Berlin: Wissenschaftszentrum. [producer].   Köln: Zentralarchiv für Empirische Sozialforschung [distributor].   Note: Documentation and data are in German. Original title: Protestereignisse in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1950-1993. Study number ZA2971.   Codebook: CNFL-067 [File Information].

Social Protest and Policy Innovation: Italy, 1966-1973
Tarrow, Sidney.  Ithaca, NY : Sidney Tarrow, Department of Government, Cornell University [producer].   Ithaca, NY : Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research [distributor].   Codebook: CNFL-011 [File Information].

Wages of War, 1816-1965
Singer, J. David; Melvin Small.   Ann Arbor, MI : Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor].   Codebook: CNFL-062 [File Information].

Wages of War, 1816-1980: Augmented with Disputes and Civil War Data
Singer, J. David; Melvin Small.  -- First ICPSR Edition -- Ann Arbor, MI : Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, 1984 [producer].   Note: Includes OSIRIS data dictionaries.   Codebook: CNFL-062(1980) [File Information].

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