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All you can Eat Pizza Buffet Field Study

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Wansink, Brian (2007).  Food and Brand Lab, Cornell University [producer].   Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER) [distributor].   Codebook: FBL-001.  This study includes files created by Cornell researchers and/or staff.

Abstract:  The purpose of this field study was to determine if paying restaurant customers would respond similarly as they did in the Lab as well as to explore some new issues in this naturalistic setting. Half of the people arriving at an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet were given a coupon that enabled them to eat pizza at a discount. The objectives were to confirm or explore a wide range of issues including whether paying less for food led you to eat less, enjoy it less, feel more regretful. Key variables of interest were the number of pieces of pizza consumed along with taste perceptions, and self-ratings of overeating.
Survey Date: October 18, to December 8, 2007
Keywords: Pizza Buffet, AYCE, Coupon, Pricing, Consumption, Intake, Taste, Regret, Companion, Peak-Endex

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