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CISER Secure Data Services:  CRADC

  1. Create a Shortcut to SAS on CRADC Servers:

    Start -> Program -> SAS   ->
    right click on SAS 9.3
    select  Send to -> Desktop

    Note: You will need to do this on each CRADC server.

  2. Create a copy of SAS Configuration file in your authorized work folder:

    Right click on the file:
    C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3\nls\en\sasv9.cfg
    Select Copy, then paste it to your authorized work folder under S:\


    where [authorized_data_project]\[user_name] is your authorized work folder.

  3. Edit your copy of “SASV9.CFG” file to point to your SAS WORK folder:

    Open your copy of “SASV9.CFG” file in Notepad (please do not attempt to modify .CFG file in C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3\nls\en\  subfolder). Scroll down to the section where it says “DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE…”, you’ll see SAS system user work folder set up as

    –WORK “T:\Temp\SAS Temporary Files\”

    Substitute this folder with a folder in your authorized location and save the file. For example, to point your SAS -WORK to folder  S:\[authorized_data_project]\[user_name]\mysaswork\, use the following command in your .CFG file

    –WORK “S:\[authorized_data_project]\[user_name]\mysaswork\

    Note: The S:\ drive is accessible on all CRADC compute servers. Therefore, you will need to build this file only once. In step#4 you can point to this .CFG file from all CRADC servers.

  4. Edit the Properties of your SAS Shortcut to Point to your SAS Configuration file:

    Right click on the SAS shortcut (created in step #1) -> Properties. Under Shortcut tab you should see the following listing for the Target field

    "C:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.3\sas.exe"  -CONFIG  "C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3\nls\en\sasv9.cfg"

    Substitute the folder name for the configuration file to point to the location of your own modified .CFG file (do NOT substitute folder for sas.exe). Click on OK to close the Properties box.  Here is an example of Target field:

    • “C:\Program Files\SASHome\SASFoundation\9.3\sas.exe”   -CONFIG  “S:\[authorized_data_project]\[user_name ]\SASV9.CFG”
    Note: Substitute appropriate folder names.  You will need to repeat this step with your SAS shortcut on each CRADC server.

  5. Click on the SAS Shortcut to open SAS.