About Us

The Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER) is a strategic partner who can help take your research to the next level with a full continuum of tools and expertise. We offer a range of support, technology, and collaboration in each of our focus areas: Data services, research, computing resources, consulting, and training.

Our services are designed to enable social scientists to reach further, do more with less, and extend the impact of their research beyond what is possible to accomplish alone.

DATA  CISER will help you find, understand, store, and work with all aspects of data across security levels.  CISER is ALL about data.

RESEARCH  Our team can provide support, collaboration, and partnership for sponsored and other innovative research projects.  We help take Cornell social science research to the next level.

COMPUTING  CISER provides local and cloud computing that is scalable and customizable across a range of secure environments.  Our services are internationally recognized, and backed by an expert staff.

CONSULTING  Our specialists can help you in research design, data access, and data management.  Our accessible expertise spans the entire research and data lifecycles.

TRAINING  CISER provides instruction on data, tools, and processes for social science research – from workshops, to classrooms, to individualized training.