Acknowledging the use of CISER resources

CISER receives support from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and Member Colleges. Acknowledgement of the CISER services (or individual staff) in posters, publications, presentations and interviews helps to demonstrate the usefulness and effectiveness of the resources provided and can help strengthen institutional support. You can help us in this effort by acknowledging CISER’s contribution to your research, such as use of data from the CISER Data Archive, use of the CISER or CRADC computing systems, and/or assistance from CISER staff.

  1. Add a citation acknowledging CISER in your work

    Please acknowledge us in all posters, publications, and presentations of the work that utilized CISER resources by using the following text:

    “This research was conducted with support and resources provided by the Cornell Institute of Social and Economic Research (CISER) at Cornell University.”

  2. Notify us about your work which used CISER resources

    Please send us information about your posters, publications, presentations and interviews to , so that we can reciprocate by linking to the data source to expand your research network.

  3. Cite use of Data Archive Download Centers

    If you have used any of these CISER Download Centers, please also use this form to submit a citation:

Additional references on research citations: