Director’s Message

Welcome to CISER, core infrastructure to Cornell social science and in its 37th year of anticipating and supporting the evolving interdisciplinary computational and data needs of social scientists and economists across campus. It is a privilege to lead CISER and its team of experts in social science data, research computing, and metadata. CISER staff, fully engaged and recognized leaders in their respective areas of professional expertise, are what enable Cornell social scientists to take their research further, do more with less, and extend the impact of their research beyond what it would be possible to accomplish alone.

CISER brings to you:

  • A wide-ranging, capable, and collaborative support team. CISER’s team includes researchers enthusiastically involved in their own social science research and the science of data itself. They expand the breadth of expertise to Cornell research and are able to discuss ideas, provide input to proposals, actively engage in the conduct of research, and ultimately improve the outcome of Cornell social science.
  • A shared services model that enables more success than going it alone. Cornell’s visionary model of shared support for social science research makes it possible for individual researchers—be they graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, or faculty—to accomplish more together than they could accomplish on their own. This support is enabled by CISER’s Member Colleges and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research and is available to all members of Cornell’s interdisciplinary social science community.

If you haven’t checked out CISER lately, I encourage you to learn about our ever-evolving and cutting-edge set of services. In particular:

  • CISER’s Reproduction of Results Service, or R-Squared.  more...
    CISER is a national and international leader in the development of professional services for reproducing and replicating the results of scientific discoveries in the social sciences. CISER’s R-Squared service — available to Cornell social sciences prior to publication, can offer peace of mind and confidence to researchers together with a long-term home for curated data and code in support of scientific replication.
  • CISER’s new Cloud-based computing environment.  more...
    CISER’s first dedicated (non-shared) computing environment for large scale users or teams is easy to use, scalable, and cost effective. For more information, email .
  • Cornell’s Federal Statistic Research Data Center (FSRDC).  more...
    While CISER has much to offer in the area of restricted data computing, one of its signature offerings is Cornell’s very own Federal Statistical Research Data Center. One of only 30 in the country, CISER’s FSRDC offers approved researchers secure remote access to confidential research data from multiple agencies within the U.S. Federal Statistical System. For more information, email .
  • Freedom on the Move (FOTM).  more...
    This project represents one of the best examples of CISER enabling and extending the work of Cornell social scientists. CISER continues to play a key role in the development of FOTM, an innovative and compelling NEH- and NHPRC-funded crowd-sourced database of fugitive slave ads from North America, led by Professor Ed Baptist in Cornell’s History Department. For more information, see:

It is my pleasure to lead the multi-faceted and collaborative team that comprises CISER and that enables and furthers the work of Cornell Social Science. If you feel CISER might be of use to you in your work, or you would like to learn more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via or phone.

Email :

Phone : 607-255-4801


-William C. Block, Director.

William C. Block photo