CCSS partners with many units and organizations across the Cornell community and beyond to provide a shared data-related support resource to Cornell’s social science and economic researchers, teachers, and learners. These relationships range from financial support to collaboration at all levels of the research process and data life cycle, including working to advance the science of working with data. Our shared resources are enhanced by the range of these relationships.

Office of the Vice Provost for Research.  CCSS is housed within the Office of the Vice Provost for Research (OVPR), which is dedicated to the support of research at Cornell. The OVPR, along with our member colleges, provides funding and strategic connections to sustain CCSS’s social science research support resources.

Member Colleges

Colleges with primary and secondary connections to the social sciences provide financial support of our shared resources for their researchers. They are also strategic partners, providing input for planning for the resource needs of the future. Our member colleges include:

Cornell University Community Partners

CCSS actively works with numerous support-unit partners across campus to ensure comprehensive resources are available across all aspects that involve work with social science data.

CCSS is a member of the following:

CCSS partners with the following:

National and International Partner Organizations

CCSS is actively involved with numerous data-related organizations nationally and internationally, playing a leading role within many of these entities, where CCSS is a significant contributor to shaping future methods of working with data and growing the science around data.