Staff Directory

Send email to CISER staff at or use this form.  See also Staff Specialists. Area Code: 607
CISER Reception Desk 255-4801
Consulting Help Desk,  consultant expertise 255-1986
William C. Block, Director 255-9026
Amy O’Donnell, Administrative Assistant 255-4801
Support and Services
Daniel Alexander, Results Reproduction Specialist 255-7963
Florio Arguillas, Research Associate 255-7838
Jonathan Bohan, Data Archive Assistant/ Backup Data Custodian 255-1653
Warren Brown, Senior Research Associate 255-1365
Elena Goloborodko, Secure Data Services Manager/ Data Custodian 254-6547
Irene Hawes, Data Archive Support / Website Programmer 254-7449
Adriana Hernandez, Research Support 254-2127
Janet Heslop, IT Associate Director 255-4801
Lynda Kellam, Senior Data Librarian/Archivist 255-1359
Brandon T. Kowalski, Software Engineer 255-1569
Chris Perez, Applications Programmer III NA
Jan Vink, Research Support 255-8399
Lynn Martin, Associate Director 255-1356
Federal Statistical Research Data Center
Nichole Szembrot, RDC Administrator 255-8603
Warren Brown, Research Director 255-1365
Cornell FSRDC Lab 255-3395
Help Desk Consultants
Jacob Grippin, Lead Statistical Consultant 255-1986
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