Connecting to the Servers

 The CISER computing servers are a remote access environment, in which you can access your account workspace, software, and files, remotely from your own computer.

Once you have applied for an account, an email containing your username and temporary password will be sent to you when your computing account has been created.  During your initial login to the CISER computing environment, you will need to change your password to one that complies with CISER’s password requirements.

To access the remote computing environment, you can connect to the servers using:

  • Windows Operating System Access
  • Mac OS X Access
  • Chromebook Access
  • Linux Access

Please review the Remote Desktop computing access instructions link below.

Remote Desktop ConnectionHow do I to connect to the CISERRSCH or CRADC computing servers?

Passwords – Have a password issue or need to know the password requirements?

Sessions – What is the difference between logging out and disconnecting?  Is it possible to stop my program while it is running?  Locked out of your account?

DUO Mobile – Two-factor Authentication – How to install the DUO Mobile application on your device for two-factor authentication access.