Sharing Files

CCSS-RS Research (RSCH)

Sharing Files from the Research Servers

By default, only you have access to the files in your work space on the research server. To share space, you can either request a shared work space to be created for you, or you can give access for others to get to a folder in your own user space. In either case the other users must first have an active user account on the research servers.

The research servers have an S:\ drive specifically for shared work spaces. Use the Shared Space Request form to have a project folder created for you and your collaborators to share, or add user(s) to an existing shared space.

Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC)

Sharing Files from the CRADC Servers

Each CRADC account has access to a shared work space within the S:\ drive of the account’s project folder at S:\[CRADC Project Name]\Projects for researcher collaboration, as permitted under the data use agreement(s) of that project.