Manage Your Sessions

Once you start working on a server, you may begin to wonder, how do I properly logoff or should I disconnect from the server?  What is the difference between logging off and disconnecting?  Does this have anything to do with why my account locks out?  How do I unlock my account?  What if I need to stop my program from running, how can I do this? See the sections below to answer these and other session related questions.

Note: All running programs and sessions are stopped during system downtimes, and are NOT automatically restarted when a downtime is over.

Closing Remote Desktop

Log-off vs. Disconnect

Account Lockouts

What causes account lockouts? How can I prevent them?
Managing Account Lockouts on CISER Research (CISERRSCH) servers
Managing Account Lockouts on CRADC Servers
Managing Account Lockouts on the Secure Standalone Enclave

Sessions and Processes

How to Manage CISER Research (CISERRSCH) Server Sessions and Processes
How to Manage Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC) Server Sessions and Processes