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CISER Computing User's Manual: How to Log-on

Log-on using Chromebook

Instructions for Chromebook users

  1. To connect to the servers using Chromebook, first you must install a remote access app such as Chrome RDP or some other app which has remote access capabilities from the chome web store.
    • At the time this was written the "Chrome RDP" app cost $9.99 after a 7-day trial period.
  2. After you download and install a remote access app, read the app's documentation to see how to use it.
  3. Put the address of the research server you want to connect to in your app's remote connection dialog box.

    • Most researchers may connect to any of these:
    • Users of R, Rscript, and ArcGIS should connect either of these:
    • Users of Class accounts should connect to either of these:
    • Users with _CHE accounts should connect to:
  4. Once you get to a log-on prompt, enter your CISER username and password.
    • Prefix your username with ciserrsch\  e.g., ciserrsch\abc234_RS.
    Click OK to log-on.

NOTE: It's important that you understand the difference between log-off and disconnect.


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