CCSS Research Support upholds the evolving computational and data needs of Cornell social scientists and economists throughout the entire research process and data life cycle.

HelpDesk consultants are available to assist you with questions about computing and working with software packages.

Staff Specialists are available to help you with a wide range of data-related needs. They can help you develop secure data management plans; find, deposit, archive, understand, and work with data;  reproduce your research; and tailor computing environments to your research needs. Below are examples of help we can provide across the key phases of a research project. If you don’t see your specific need listed, just ask!

At the initial phase, as you develop your proposal; look for data, documentation, and working environment, we'll help you to...
  • craft data management (including sharing) plans for IRB protocol
  • craft data management (including sharing) plans for  grant proposal
  • find, acquire, collect data
  • understand data and documentation
  • store and manage data in a secure and collaborative computing environment
  • create custom websites, app, software, and relational databases for collecting data
During the intermediate phase, as you process your data, write programs, and crunch numbers or text, we'll help you to...
  • organize, manage, transform, integrate your data
  • convert data into your preferred file format
  • de-identify data and reduce risk of disclosure
  • acquire the skill to write, interpret, debug statistical software programs (or code)
  • acquire the skill to process qualitative data using computer-aided qualitative data analysis software packages
  • review your code
  • review the quality of your data and metadata
Towards the end of your research project, as you prepare your reproduction materials for sharing and reuse, we'll help you to...
  • document data (or create metadata)
  • curate data
  • preserve/archive data
  • package publication-ready data, code, and documentation to meet funder or journal requirements for sharing and re-use
  • license, version, and disseminate data
  • make study and associated reproduction materials accessible and citable
  • make data or study persistent by assigning a persistent url or digital object identifier (DOI)
  • identify appropriate repository for your study or data and assist in depositing it
  • provide home for your study and associated reproduction materials
  • provide storage and backup for your study and associated reproduction materials
  • create custom website for your study

 Contacting HelpDesk Services

There are multiple ways of obtaining assistance from CCSS-RS staff and consultants:

Please see the Help Center for more information.

Other Related Resources at Cornell

Need help with data management planning?
CCSS-RS is a member of the Cornell Research Data Management Service Group (RDMSG), a collaborative, campus-wide organization that assists with creating and implementing data management plans.
SAGE Research Methods
SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is a research tool supported by a newly devised taxonomy that links content and methods terms. It provides the most comprehensive picture available today of research methods (quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods) across the social and behavioral sciences. It includes more than 100,000 pages of SAGE book and reference material on research methods as well as editorially selected material from SAGE journals. In addition, SRMO contains content from more than 640 books, including the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences “Little Green Books” series from SAGE.
Need help with statistical methodology?
If you need help with research design, data analysis, and interpreting results contact Cornell Statistical Consulting Unit (CSCU) .