Helpdesk Consultants

The CISER HelpDesk consultants assist students and faculty by offering support and guidance with statistical applications. Our student consultants represent a diverse array of social science backgrounds who are hired based on their demonstrated quantitative and analytical performance.

The list below may help you find which consultants best match your needs. Please note, however, that the software listed for each is just their expertise. All our consultants have extensive experience in statistical computing and can help get you started in any software supported by CISER.


Adam Belkalai

department:  Operations Research and Information Engineering
expertise:  R, Python, Matlab, SQL, Stata, VBA (Excel)
interests:  Data Analysis, Probability Models
languages:  English, Spanish (Basic)

Margot Berg

department: Operations Research & Information Engineering, Health Administration
expertise: Matlab, SQL, @RISK
interests: Efficiency of Health Systems, Big Data, Hospital Operations, Lean Six Sigma
languages: English, Russian

Kyle Choi

department: Mathematics
expertise: R, SPSS, Python
interests: Probability, Game Theory, Machine Learning, Data Science
languages: English, Korean

Janice Jhang

department: Policy Analysis and Management
expertise: STATA, R Studio
interests: Data Analysis, Health Policy
languages: English, Korean

Sena Katako

department: Biometry and Statistics
expertise: R, Stata, Python, Java, SQL
interests: Data Analytics
languages: English, Spanish(Basic), Twi

Janice Lee

department: Policy Analysis and Management
expertise: SAS, STATA, R Studio
interests: Quantitative Data Analysis, Program Syntax
languages: English, Korean, Spanish (basic)

Ronni Mok

department: Economics and Statistical Science
expertise: Stata, R Studio, Python
interests: Machine Learning, Data Analysis
languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese, Spanish (basic)

Chawannut “Dunk” Prommin

department: Statistics
expertise: R, SQL, SPSS
interests: Statistical Model, Machine learning, Parallel Computing
languages: English, Thai

Siming Zou

department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
expertise: Python, Matlab, SPSS, Minitab
interests: Computer Systems, Data Analysis, Electrical Circuitry
languages: English, Chinese, Cantonese