Correctly Save Files on CCSS-RS Servers

When you are working on the CCSS Research Support servers you want to know that your work is being saved and backed up. By default files get saved to the C drive. Do not save work to the C Drive. Everything on the C drive gets cleared on a monthly basis. We can not retrieve files that get deleted if stored within the C drive. Example of C drive location follows. “C:\Users\jrg363_rs”

Store your work onto your personal U drive. Anything there will be backed up.

Locate U drive from within servers

  • Open the “File Explorer” Application
  • Click “This PC” on the left
  • Underneath “Network Locations” there is a work space labelled by your CCSS-RS username. Save files within the network drive named after your CCSS-RS username.
  • Documents, Desktop, Downloads are some examples of safe places within your U drive.

More information about this in the following link. Your Work space