CISER is all about Data; finding, depositing, understanding, and working with data in a range of secure environments – whatever level of security is required by the data provider – and more.

CISER Data Archive

CISER has an extensive data collection with emphasis on labor, political, and social behavior, demography, economics, and health. The collection includes federal and state census files, administrative records, public opinion surveys, economic and social data from national and international organizations, along with studies compiled by individual researchers. For more information, see the Data Archive Mission Statement.

International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events

The International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events (ITERATE) numeric database is based on international terrorism event chronologies represented in major media, research, news, and information services. CISER’s collection includes data from 1968-2014. ITERATE is available to Cornell affiliates.

Cornell National Social Survey

Cornell National Social Survey is a random-sample survey of adults aged 18 and over. Participants were asked their opinions on a range of topics. CISER created public-use versions of the 2008-2018 surveys which are available to all researchers.

Presidential Election Votes by State & County 1964-2016

This study contains files of Presidential election votes by State and County for each U.S. Presidential election year from 1964-2016. Data include statistics (Closest states, Largest Margin of Victory, etc.), turnout information, and a comprehensive list of data sources for each table. Some include lists of candidates who appeared on the ballot, including minor party candidates. This data is available to Cornell affiliates.

Secure Data Services

CISER Secure Data Environments support research projects involving analysis of confidential, restricted or proprietary data. In partnership with the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) and Federal Statistical Research Data Centers (FSRDC) , CISER Secure Data Services facilitate researchers access to confidential data maintained by these agencies. To learn more about the data available to FSRDC researchers, please visit

Working With Data