Data Archive

The collection includes federal and state census files, administrative records, public opinion surveys, economic and social data from national and international organizations, along with studies compiled by individual researchers. In addition, Cornell University subscribes to many different data resources including ICPSR and the Roper Center, providing access to a large variety of additional data sources. The CISER archive was founded in 1981.

Finding Data

Please use the search archive or browse archive option to find data that matches your research needs. CISER also provides several download centers for your convenience.

Using the CISER Archive

Data files, most documentation, and other files (for example, SAS, SPSS, and Stata programs) are housed on the CISER file server. Some data require facility with a statistical software package that can read and manipulate raw data files or software-specific datasets.

The following are different ways Cornell users can use or obtain data archive holdings (click to expand):

USAGE NOTE: Use of Archive data and documentation is limited to the purpose of academic research. Other use or redistribution is a violation of Cornell’s Campus Code of Conduct and Policy Regarding Abuse of Computers and Network Systems. Some datasets have additional requirements for their use, see Cornell’s ICPSR Membership and Cornell’s Roper Center Membership for additional information. Acknowledgement of the use of data (or other services) from CISER is respectfully requested. Please see details here.

Understanding Traffic Light File Permissions
Downloads from catalog links

Direct from CISER’s research servers
Printed Documentation and Reports
Archive Data Files in other Formats

Depositing Research Data

If you have data that you would like to deposit into a data repository, please contact us to discuss your repository and archival needs.