The Cornell Restricted Access Data Center (CRADC) provides customized secure computing environments for working with restricted research data, meeting the individual requirements of each data provider. Our years of experience since being a National Science Foundation-funded pilot project in 1999 have provided us with the knowledge necessary to offer you an individualized research environment customized to match the required security levels for your needs.

We offer

  • Assistance with acquiring data and preparing data security plans to meet data providers security requirements and finalize the Data Provider Agreements (DPAs).
  • Secure computing environment  to house restricted access and limited use licensed data sets to ensure compliance with data providers security requirements and Cornell University data security policies.
  • Help connecting researchers with Cornell’s Research Services to authorize use of restricted data on CRADC.
  • Access to a variety of data analysis software applications.

When the Data Provider Allows Remote Access to the Data Files

The majority of restricted access data can be remotely accessed using the CRADC computing environment, which securely houses a vast range of restricted and confidential data. The CRADC operates completely behind its own firewall with its own private domain. CCSS Secure Data Services will work with you to establish your access to the CRADC data processing environment, upload your research project data set and support your project needs throughout the research life cycle.

When the Data Provider Requires a Non-networked Environment

The Secure Standalone Enclave is used for restricted data that must be contained within a closed, non-networked environment with no printing or data transfer abilities, in a locked room. We will assist you in initiating your research project to meet the data provider’s security guidelines for housing the data on our Secure Standalone Enclave. Please contact CCSS Secure Data Services for the process steps.