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…wish to opt-out of any of these social interactions please refer to the specific social media platform for instructions on how to do so. Special Notice for EU Residents If… READ MORE

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…running. You stop running programs and using the system, so you free resources for other users Your programs keep running, which is useful for calculations that require long processing time…. READ MORE


for research project teams. Workshops CISER provides workshops on a variety of topics, including the use of statistical software packages.  Workshops are held primarily in the Mann Library Stone lab…. READ MORE

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…access to a shared work space within the S:\ drive of the account’s project folder at S:\[CRADC Project Name]\Projects for researcher collaboration, as permitted under the data use agreement(s) of that project.  … READ MORE

Cornell’s ICPSR Membership

ICPSR is the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, located at the University of Michigan. ICPSR is a membership organization of over 750 universities and research institutions worldwide. Cornell… READ MORE

CU FSRDC Newsletter 2019 March [PDF]

…calling for proposals for papers and sessions. More information is available on the conference website at: http://ww2.amstat.org/meetings/ices/2020/conferenceinfo.cfm Active Projects See the NYRDC web site (https://nyrdc.cornell.edu/) for information and links for READ MORE

CU FSRDC Newsletter 2018 December [PDF]

…here: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jomf.12546 Data Update: 2018 IMI UMETRICS What’s the value of academic research? That’s one of the questions that the University of Michigan’s Institute for Research on Innovation & Science… READ MORE

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