Reproducible Research Event At Cornell

You are invited to attend Reproducible Research @ Cornell, a set of events on November 28 – 29, 2018, featuring Brian Nosek from the Center for Open Science (COS). Events will include a lecture, panel, discussions, and workshops on easy, practical steps to increase the reproducibility of your research using the COS’s Open Science Framework (OSF). More information can be found at:

Wednesday Events:

  • College of Business Breakfast: “Fostering Trust in Research: A Conversation with Brian Nosek”, Ramin Parlor, Sage Hall, 9am – 11am
    For more information, contact Professor Robert Bloomfield (

  • Social Scientists Lunchtime Talk with Brian Nosek, Warren Hall Room 175, 12pm – 1:30pm
    for more information, contact Professor Melissa Ferguson (

  • General lecture by DR. Brian Nosek: “Shifting Incentives from Getting It Published to Getting it Right”, G10 Biotech, 3pm – 4pm
    Register for the lecture panel together via CU learn; direct questions to

  • Panel discussion on reproducible science, G10 Biotech, 4pm – 5pm
    • Robert Weiss (Moderator) – Professor of Molecular Genetics, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, College of Veterinary Medicine.
    • Carrie Adler – Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Medicine, College of Veterinary Medicine.
    • Natasha Holmes – Assistant Professor, Department of Physics.
    • Andrew Karolyi – Professor of Finance and Harold Bierman Jr. Distinguished Professor of Management, Deputy Dean and College Dean for Academic Affairs, Cornell S.C. Johnson College of Business.
    • Michael Macy – Goldwin-Smith Professor of Sociology
    • Brian Nosek – Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Virginia; Executive Director of the Center for Open Science

  • Reception, Biotech Atrium 5pm – 6pmfor more information, contact

Thursday Events:

  • Workshops: Practical Steps for Increasing Openness and Reproducibility, 318 Philips Hall, 9am – 4pm

    • Morning session: 9am – 12pm
      • Project documentation
      • Version control
      • Pre-Analysis plans
      • Open source tools like the Center for Open Science’s OSF to easily implement these concepts in a scientific workflow
        Register at; direct questions to

    • Afternoon session: 1 – 4pm
      • Build structures to support complex workflows.
      • Tie projects together across studies and teams.
      • Design for long term reuse and replication.
      • Incorporate privacy protections and IRB concerns.
        Register at; direct questions to