Results Reproduction (R-squared)

CISER’s Results Reproduction (R-squared) Service

CISER is offering a service where researchers with “revise-and-resubmit” papers can send their data and code to CISER for curation and appraisal to ensure that published results are replicable; and data and code are well documented, reusable, and preserved for current and future generations of researchers.

Replication of results is a core requirement of the scientific method. Satisfying this requirement becomes increasingly complex when data from disparate sources is integrated and reused. While code used for analysis of data must be verified, it is also imperative that code and processes used to clean, integrate and harmonize data be documented and verified. This can be time-intensive and intimidating, even for individual researchers seeking to openly share their work. Work done by research teams producing multiple versions of source code can make replication considerably more complicated. Below we describe the reasons for the service, and the protocols and tools used by CISER to streamline the experience for researchers who avail of the Reproduction of Results service.

Clients: All Cornell social scientists (Faculty, Staff, and Graduate students)

Reasons for the service