Results Reproduction (R-squared)

Results Reproduction (R-Squared) is a service that computationally reproduces the results of your research to ensure Reproducibility and Transparency – think of it as enhanced proofreading for your Data and Code.

Flowchart of Results Reproduction process. Researcher to CISER, back to researcher and all other steps.

Outline of R-Squared Service:

What an R-Squared Review Does
  • Reproduces output precisely
  • Provides suggested code edits to facilitate reproduction
  • Ensures
    • Transparency and Reproducibility of your research
    • Ease of access to data and code for others
    • Independent understandability by others
  • Creates an archive package with all information in one place (example:
What an R-Squared Review Does NOT Do
  • Replicate your study
  • Check your research methodology
  • Question or check conclusions or theories
  • Make any direct changes to your work
  • Share anything before the article is published
Benefits of Using the R-Squared Service
  • Independent party review provides higher tier confirmation of
    • Transparency – understand-ability of your code and variables by laypeople
    • Reproducibility – ease for others, or for you years later
  • Increased discoverability and accessibility of your study
  • Ability to promptly and confidently provide reproduction materials
  • Comparative advantage in the journal review process
  • Increases value of your publication for citation by others
Benefits of the CISER Team
Time and Cost Information
  • Average first review takes 4 – 8 hours
    • Suggested steps taken ahead of time can reduce the time
    • Long papers with significant additional output/other factors can increase the time
  • We are currently exploring funding strategies
Learn More

Each semester CISER provides free workshops which include How to Make Your Research Transparent and Reproducible.

For more information about this workshop or the R-Squared process, contact Florio Arguillas at or (607)255-7838.