Results Reproduction (R-squared)

Results Reproduction (R-Squared) is a service that computationally reproduces the results of your research to ensure Reproducibility and Transparency – think of it as enhanced proofreading for your Data and Code.

Flowchart of Results Reproduction process. Researcher to CISER, back to researcher and all other steps.

Outline of R-Squared Service:

What an R-Squared Review Does
  • Reproduces output precisely
  • Provides suggested code edits to facilitate reproduction
  • Ensures
    • Transparency and Reproducibility of your research
    • Ease of access to data and code for others
    • Independent understandability by others
  • Creates an archive package with all information in one place (example:
What an R-Squared Review Does NOT Do
  • Replicate your study
  • Check your research methodology
  • Question or check conclusions or theories
  • Make any direct changes to your work
  • Share anything before the article is published
Benefits of Using the R-Squared Service
  • Independent party review provides higher tier confirmation of
    • Transparency – understand-ability of your code and variables by laypeople
    • Reproducibility – ease for others, or for you years later
  • Increased discoverability and accessibility of your study
  • Ability to promptly and confidently provide reproduction materials
  • Comparative advantage in the journal review process
  • Increases value of your publication for citation by others
Benefits of the CISER Team
Time and Cost Information
  • Average first review takes 4 – 8 hours
    • Suggested steps taken ahead of time can reduce the time
    • Long papers with significant additional output/other factors can increase the time
  • We are currently exploring funding strategies