How to make your thesis, dissertation, or research article transparent and reproducible

Replication of results is a core requirement of the scientific method. Satisfying this requirement becomes increasingly complex when data from disparate sources is integrated and reused. While code used for analysis of data must be verified, it is also imperative that code and processes used to clean, integrate and harmonize data be documented and verified. This can be time-intensive and intimidating, especially for individual researchers seeking to openly share their work. This workshop will introduce you to the Cornell Center for Social Sciences’ Results Reproduction Service and walk you through the process of reviewing your manuscript, data, code and output to ensure that the reproduction materials you will share to the public or submit to a journal for publication will reproduce your results exactly. The workshop will also discuss common mistakes to avoid in manuscripts and codes; how to package reproduction materials for easy re-use and independent understandability; and the CCSS Data and Reproduction Archive as the institutional repository for your reproducibility package.

Prerequisites: None, but familiarity with Windows helpful.