Introduction to SAS Programming

Introduction to SAS Programming is a 2-part workshop.

Session 1

This is a hands-on workshop in SAS programming. Workshop will cover- Structure of a SAS program, debug a SAS Program; Creating SAS data sets from three most common data formats — Excel, column-delimited ASCII, and existing SAS data sets; Exploring the structure and contents of a SAS data set; Selecting observations and variables in a data set; Creating and modifying variables – functions, arrays, IF-THEN-ELSE and iterative DO loops, working with Dates; Create multiple output data sets; Merge, Match-merge and Concatenate data sets.

Prerequisites: None, but familiarity with Windows helpful.

Session 2

Introduces selected SAS Procedures for performing statistical analysis; the topics covered include univariate procedures MEANS, UNIVARIATE, FREQ and CORRELATION, and regression procedures REG, LOGISTIC, MIXED; and SAS Output Delivery System (ODS).

Prerequisites: SAS Programming, Session 1 or enough experience with SAS to understand data step processing and using SAS libraries.