Introduction to SPSS

Introduction to SPSS is a 2-part workshop.

Session 1

Overview of the capabilities of SPSS. Topics and exercises include creating an SPSS data file, exporting an SPSS data to another format, running simple statistical procedures (frequencies, crosstabs, means, correlations, regression), using the output viewer, creating a syntax file, and importing an Excel data file to SPSS.

Prerequisites: None, but familiarity with Windows helpful.

Session 2

Topics covered include importing data from other formats, basic SPSS programming, merging datasets, creating new variables using the COMPUTE, RECODE, and IF commands, selecting subset of cases, data cleaning, and creating graphs.

Prerequisites: SPSS, Session 1 or substantive SPSS experience.

The Introduction to SPSS workshop session 1 may also be viewed in the following 1-hour video: