Using Conjoint Analysis in Analyzing Individuals’ Underlying Preferences

Conjoint Analysis helps researchers across different fields to identify individuals’ preferences and evaluate their choice trade-offs in the context of a survey. The workshop will first introduce how to successfully configure conjoint experiments in Qualtrics using Conjoint Choice-based Application provided by Qualtrics. Second it will explain how to analyze and utilize the Conjoint-based data. By the end of the workshop participants will be able to successfully design and implement their own questionnaire in the form of a Conjoint experiment and will learn to access, analyze, and present the findings of their Conjoint survey using R.

Software/tool/method: Qualtrics Choice-Based Conjoint and R Studio
Area of expertise connects to: surveys, survey experiments, social sciences, business analytics, marketing
Prerequisite workshops: No prerequisite workshops are necessary, but basic understanding of Qualtrics, survey analysis, and R is helpful.