Ensure your NVivo Projects are Saved

NVivo projects on the CCSS Research Support servers can sometimes not save correctly. As a result you could unknowingly lose hours of hard work. Avoid this frustration by frequently Copying your project file. Steps are as follows.

  • Once you have finished working for the day copy your project file.
  • “File” -> “Copy Project”
  • Assign a name to your project file. By default a date and time is attached. It is suggested to keep that information so you know which project file is most recent.
  • Save copied project file somewhere on your U: drive. Can open at any time.

When you open the software NVivo it brings up the most recently worked on and saved projects. Sometimes the recently worked on projects do not appear in the list correctly. This is when a copying project file would be beneficial. If the save does not work correctly you can always open the copied file.
Instructions for copying project from NVivo website included below.
NVivo Copy Project

Restoring Backups

NVivo on CCSS-RS automatically backs up your projects once a week and stores them as .nvb files in the following location:
U:\Documents\NVivo 12 Recovery
To recover project perform following steps

  1. Sign in to CCSS-RS servers
  2. Open File Explorer and navigate to following folder location: U:\Documents\NVivo 12 Recovery
  3. Locate and send .nvb file to NVivo support by filling out form in following link: Technical Support Form Ask them to recover project and send back as .nvp file.