Excel Add-ins on CISER servers

Researchers can download and install Excel add-ins while connected to the servers.
Instructions Included with Example of downloading and installing Excel add-in “Open Solver”

  • Connect to CISER servers.
    Login Instructions
  • Open web browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox or Microsoft Edge) and go to URL in which you can download Excel add-in
    Open Solver Link below.
    Open Solver Download Link
  • Download and save all the associated files on the U drive(Downloads, Documents, Desktop). More information about CISER’s U drive found in the following link.
    CISER Work Environment
  • If necessary unzip the files
  • You only need to perform previous steps once. Recall where you downloaded the files. Following steps may need to be performed every time you want to use Open Solver.
  • Open Excel
  • Open blank page
  • Select File -> Options -> Add-ins
  • At bottom in “manage” makes sure “Excel add-ins” is select then press Go
  • Excel Add-ins Menu

  • Click on Browse – search folders to where you downloaded and saved the Add-in files in the earlier steps
  • Select the .xlam file. For OpenSolver the file is named “OpenSolver.xlam”
  • Close out Add-in box
  • Open Solver add-in will be visible within the “Data” tab of excel.

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