SAS is Running Slow

Follow the instructions if SAS is acting in the pursuing ways while connected to any of the CCSS Research Support servers:

  • Taking a while to initialize
  • Not opening when selected
  • Can not access the menu
  • difficulty closing program. Must force close every time.

Perform the steps below to Improve SAS speed

  1. Sign out, then back in to the server you are using. Alternatively sign in to a less busy server. Current CCSS-RS Server Usage
  2. Open the “File Explorer” by clicking the folder icon pinned to the bottom task bar.
  3. Select “This PC” –> “Documents” –> “My SAS Files” –> “9.4”
  4. Delete all of the files inside this folder. It is assumed you will not have any SAS datasets stored in this directory. Do not delete any SAS datasets in this folder if they are present.
  5. Lastly, invoke SAS for the issue to be resolved

Notes to consider:

  • Ensure that you have strong internet connection
  • Again you can check the Current Server Speed to see if slow processes are a result of using a busy server.