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Research account login from Windows

Windows Technical Requirements

  • Windows 10 or later is required to have fully supported access. Earlier versions of Windows are not supported.
  • Remote Desktop Connection for Windows is included in Windows 10 installations.
Step 1. Open the Remote Desktop Application
  1. Open Remote Desktop Connection by clicking the Windows Start button at the bottom left corner of your desktop screen.
  2. In the Search Box begin typing “Remote Desktop Connection”, and then click on it when it shows up in your results.
  3. Expand Show Options in the bottom left corner of the Remote Desktop Connection popup.
  4. Go to Step 2
Step 2. Choose a Server

In the Computer textbox, type the address of the research server you want to connect to.

  • CISER usernames ending with _RS or _TH, may connect to any of these servers:
  • _RS or _TH account holders that want to use RRscript, and ArcGIS should connect either of these servers:

Go to Step 3

Step 3. Create the Remote Desktop Connection
  1. Enter your CISER username preceded by ciserrsch\
    Example: ciserrsch\abcd123_RS
  2. Select Save As and place the file where it is easily accessible [suggested to be on your desktop]
    • NOTE: This creates a shortcut to login to the specific server. If you want to login to a different server, just change the server name.
  3. Click Connect RDP Connection Image
  4. For further instructions on other session options, please refer to Sessions and Processes.
  5. Go to Step 4
Step 4. Login to the Server
  1. The first time you log on to a CISER server, you will have to configure your connection.
  2. A trust verification window will appear.
  3. Check “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer.” Then click on Connect. trust verification window
  4. A Remote Desktop login window will open. Enter your login username (if blank) and your password. Windows security popup image
  5. A window asking you to verify the identity may appear. Check “Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer.” Then click on Yes. RDP image
  6. You can now start using the research server remotely!

The following video demonstrates much of the same content written on this page: