CCSS Research Support Resources Terms of Use


The CCSS Resource Support Resources Terms of Use policy outlines the expectations for the use of CCSS resources, including but not limited to CCSS Research Support computing resources (servers, software applications, file storage, secure access rooms, etc.), computing accounts (Research, Class and all levels of restricted access accounts), and the CISER Data & Reproduction Archive.

The appropriate use and protection of all systems and associated resources is expected from all clients including faculty, students, employees, and visitors throughout the institution. In addition, each CCSS Research Support service has distinctive policies specific to usage obligations.

A majority of the CCSS Research Support services do not require any form of registration, allowing you to visit our web site and Data Archive without telling us who you are. However, some services may require you to provide us with Personal Data. In these situations, if you choose to withhold any Personal Data requested by us, it may not be possible for you to gain access to certain services and for us to respond to your query. 

Computing Resources and Computing Accounts:

CCSS Research Support computing resources (servers, software applications, file storage, etc.) and computing accounts (Research, Class and all levels of restricted access accounts), are provided for research and academic needs only. Research and academic usage include use associated with Cornell-approved research, class work for which a student is currently enrolled, and staff work associated with supporting the mission of Cornell University. These resources may not be used for any personal purposes, including but not limited to storage or backup of personal files (e.g. audio, images, photos, video files, etc.), personal email, use of social media, private consulting or business -related activities, watching streaming video or other personal activities.

Computing Resources-Related Terms:
  1. The statistical software installed on the CCSS Research Support servers may not be used for private consulting or for non-academic research. Users may not distribute licensed software from our environment to themselves or to any other persons.
  2. CCSS Research Support servers are a limited, shared resource available to multiple clients at any time. Each client is expected to maintain an acceptable level of performance and must assure that excessive or inappropriate use of the resources does not degrade performance for others.
  3. CCSS provides multiple levels of secure computing environments. It is the client’s responsibility to select the appropriate level of technical security required to be in compliance with the terms and conditions, as well as laws and regulations, for the type of data to be used.
Computing Accounts-Related Terms:
  1. CCSS Research Support computing accounts and passwords may not be shared with any other person. Sharing passwords and/or account information violates these Terms of Use, as well as Cornell’s Authentication to Information Technology Resources Policy 5.8.
  2. It is the responsibility of every CCSS Research Support computing account holder to keep CCSS apprised of any changes to the information provided in your account application, including change in affiliated faculty member/supervisor, academic status, and your contact information.
  3. CCSS collects personally identifiable information about you, such as your full name, phone number and email address when you register for an account. Personal Data is securely stored for the purposes of providing support services, analyzing computing usage statistics and maintenance communications.
  4. CCSS clientele are responsible for complying with all applicable federal, state and local laws and must abide by Cornell University policies. Any misuse of computing resources, proprietary software, or data violates the Cornell University Campus Code of Conduct and the Authentication to Information Technology Resources Policy 5.8.
  5. CCSS reserves the right to disable a computing account immediately upon identification of possible misuse of any CCSS services, or non-compliance with CCSS or Cornell University policies. Account termination will occur if misuse is confirmed through appropriate channels, and no reinstatement will be allowed.
  6. If requested within 60-days after account expiration, files left on the CCSS file storage may be made available to the affiliated faculty/staff advisor, or account holder, based on compliance with these Terms of Use. On day 61, the account will be closed, and all data files will be deleted. CCSS will not maintain a backup of any user data.
  7. By applying for an account and using CCSS Research Support computing resources, you agree to the CCSS Research Support Resources Terms of Use as set out above.
CISER Data Archive:
  1. Users are required to adhere to the CISER Data & Reproduction Archive Acceptable Use Policy and any and all licensing requirements as stipulated by the providers of datasets held in the archive.
  2. CISER Data & Reproduction Archive non-public use files which require Cornell University authentication may not be distributed to anyone other than current faculty, staff, and students, or used for private consulting or for non-academic research.

As determined by university administration, any employee found to have violated this CCSS Research Support Resources Terms of Use Policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.


If you have questions about specific issues regarding this CCSS Resources Terms of Use Policy, contact CCSS by email at or by telephone (607)255-4801.

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