CISER Data & Reproduction Archive Acceptable Use Policy

Policy Volume: DA
Responsible Executive: Senior Data Librarian
Responsible Office: Cornell Center for Social Sciences
Originally issued: 2020-02-01

By downloading resources, you agree to the terms within our Acceptable Use Policy.

Researchers must:

  • Use downloaded resources for statistical analysis and reporting aggregated information purposes only.
  • Protect the confidentiality of all research participants at all times, including not attempting to identify individual subjects.
  • Report inadvertent identification of individuals to CCSS Research Support immediately.
  • Remain in accordance with any and all Data Use Agreements and licensing requirements as stipulated by the providers of datasets.
  • Cite data studies appropriately using the suggested citation on the “basic information” tab of the archive catalog record.
  • Not redistribute data or documentation unless given permission by CCSS Research Support or the data is in the public domain, such as US government data.
  • Provide citation information for any books, articles, and other forms of publication created using CISER data.
  • For any questions surrounding these policies, please contact the archive staff.