CISER Data & Reproduction Archive Mission Statement

The goals of the CISER Data & Reproduction Archive are to make data available to researchers, while at the same time making data more Findable, Accessible, Interoperative, and Reusable (See The FAIR Data Principles at Towards those goals, archive staff can help researchers appraise, deposit, publish, and make accessible both research and secondary social science data. We feature a custom-built searchable catalog for our archive to maintain and preserve data and our Results Reproduction (R-Squared) packages, which has been certified by CoreTrustSeal.

Moreover, in conjunction with the Cornell Restricted Access Data Center, staff assist with the acquisition and hosting of restricted data in a secure computing environment for researchers and provide customized modes of access to meet restrictions required by data providers.

Additional and enhanced resources are provided through the CISER Data & Reproduction Archive’s many local, national and international connections. We provide all people with active Cornell statuses access to the Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), which houses an additional 14,000+ studies. CCSS is an organizational member of the International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology (IASSIST), Data Documentation Initiative (DDI), and Association of Public Data Users (APDU), and works closely with Cornell Population Center, Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, Cornell Center for Advanced Computing, and the Cornell Program on Applied Demographics.

As members of Cornell’s Research Data Management Service Group, we can assist in creating data management plans, help researchers find the best data storage options at Cornell, and more. Across all these services, archive staff are able to support researchers with expertise in Library and Information Sciences and Social Sciences.