Why does the system seem so slow today?

When a server is very busy (i.e. close to 100% capacity for all processors on the server) it will seem “slow” since your job or commands are competing with those of many other users. ¬† The quickest solution is usually to log off and try another server.

  • When deciding which server to use, it helps to know which server is currently the least busy. To find out, see the Computing Statusboard which also displays the current CPU and memory usage of each server.
  • If you’re already logged into a server and would like to view it’s current usage do the following:
    1. Click on URL link to be directed to the Managing Your Sessions web page
    2. Expand Managing sessions and processes on the CCSS-RS Research (RSCH) servers 
    3. Click on more… in the Identify Open Sessions section to get instructions on how to view current usage while signed in to a CCSS-RS computing server