Keep ATLAS.ti 8 documents from being deleted on CISER’s servers

PROBLEM: By default, ATLAS.ti puts your library on the CISER servers’ C drives, and all user data placed in there are deleted each month when the servers go down for maintenance. Thus, your ATLAS.ti data files on the C drive will be erased! Downtimes are usually from 8:00AM to 5:00 PM of the Wednesday following the second Tuesday of each month.

DETAILS: As of April 2018, CISER’s servers have ATLAS.ti version 8.  From the ATLAS.ti 8 Windows User Manual: “ATLAS.ti projects and all documents that you add to a project are stored in the application folder on your computer. The Windows application folder is called: AppData and can be found under your user account’s home folder. Within the sub folder Roaming, you find folders from a number of different applications, also for ATLAS.ti. The AppData\Roaming folder is a hidden folder and can either be accessed by entering the full path name or by typing %appdata% into the Windows 10 search field.”   If the user name is “foa2_rs.” the full path would be:

c:\Users\foa2_rs\Appdata\Roaming\Scientific Software\ATLASti.8

This default location for storing ATLAS.ti data can be changed. See below.

The ATLAS.ti library is a system folder and not meant for user access. Files in this folder cannot be used
outside ATLAS.ti.

SOLUTION: To avoid files from getting deleted, your ATLAS.ti project library must be redirected to your user work space on the U: drive (or S: drive for those project teams with shared folders or CRADC users). If you don’t set your library properly, you WILL DEFINITELY lose your documents!


ABSOLUTELY READ the following sections of the ATLAS.ti 8 Windows User Manual.

  1. The Project Management section, especially “Default Location For ATLAS.ti Project Data”
  2. If you work with a project team, also read the following sections in the manual:
    1. Team Work
    2. Setting Up a Project Team
    3. Project Merge

Note 1: We specifically did not specify the pages of the sections as they can move when ATLAS.ti updates the manual.

Note 2: If you have version 7 projects,  ATLAS.ti announced that starting 1st of May 2018 version 7 of ATLAS.ti will no longer be supported.  Their support team can still be contacted for product support but there will no more technical #support or #updates for the 7th version!

If you have questions/clarifications, please don’t hesitate to send e-mail to or call Florio Arguillas at 607-255-7838.



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